A 3D printed Canal House: exploring the unknown

Last week, DUS architects won the Sustainability Entrepreneurship Award 2014, the largest sustainability award worldwide, for their 3D print canal house project.

I have been excited about this project ever since I heard about it, because it is a project that takes time, effort and vision to pursue without knowing you’re going to succeed when you begin.

The project started with the question: What if we could 3D-print buildings? Together with Ultimaker, they created a 3D-printer of huge proportions called De KamerMaker, the Room Builder.

After building the KamerMaker in front of their office, in January this year, they moved the printer to the building site in Amsterdam to actually start printing a Canal House.

The building site was open for visits throughout the summer and in August I finally found some time while visiting Amsterdam to watch their progress.

3D Print Canal House
Variations in wall structures
Back of the KamerMaker
The inside of the KamerMaker
KamerMaker print head
Building site
Structure filled with concrete
Canal House model
Obviously, it is nowhere near a building yet. Hopefully they can keep the project running and finish building an actual house at some point in the near future.

Bonus video for those who understand Dutch: Dus-architects in DWDD.

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(this post is also available in: Dutch)

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