Print your own chair

I’m not kidding. You can print your own chair using the 3D-printer you have in your home (OK, for those of you lucky enough to have one in your home). Thanks to Bits and Parts, who put the  Makerchair-project of Joris Laarman online, you can now beta-test printing your own beautifully designed chair.chair-greyWhen you download the package, you get the .stl-files of all pieces and a manual how to print them and stick them together. The only thing you have to get at your local store is a broom stick to saw the legs.

One tiny detail: you need a little stamina to make your own chair. 77 Puzzle pieces and 8 connectors take about 250 hours to print, or  2 to 3 weeks to make the chair. But how cool will it look when you’ve pieced it all together!

(this post is also available in: Dutch)

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