About Maker Monkeys

We’re a bit of a peculiar species. One that rules planet earth through inventing tools and using them to shape their environment. The past hundred and fifty years we became so good at that, that shaping our environment has turned into destroying it. At the same time we handed our tools over to the convenience of the Big Makers in this world, so now an individual human hardly knows what the tools are. He doesn’t know how to make things with tools any longer.

So it is only logical that large groups of people are rediscovering what it really means: making things.

MakerMonkeys.com collects stories from the MakerWorld: FabLabs, MakerSpaces, MakerFairs etc. Labs, workshops and events that humans use to experiment. To rediscover how we build and create tangible objects, because, except for a few craftsmen, we forgot how material works.

Rather than traditional tools, we now use tools that until very recently were only available for the Big Makers. The Little Maker Monkey can now work with a precision that would have been unthinkable using a jigsaw. We discover how to connect software and hardware so we can make things at home. Instead of making objects at a large scale and ship them all over the world, we can now send designs we can alter to our specific location and make them ourselves.

Less of the same

by making locally

what we design globally.

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